Daniel Bryan – The Handcuffs of Injury

debryIt was not long ago that the WWE Universe witnessed one of the greatest storylines in the companies history, The Rise of Daniel Bryan.

The rise of Daniel Bryan was one of the most captivating and enjoyable storylines of modern Pro Wrestling. Daniel Bryan had captured the hearts of the WWE Universe and had the weight of the world on his shoulders. His fan base was on of the fastest growing and the ” Yes ” Movement was quickly becoming one of the most dominant fan bases seen since the ” Cenation “. Daniel Bryan’s iconic ” Yes! ” chant was everywhere Basketball team , Football players and even High Schools were videoed doing the iconic Yes chant in support for Daniel Bryan. He was quickly becoming the hottest thing in wrestling and for someone who was struggling to get out the midcard this was a surprise to all, fans and WWE superstars and staff.

However Daniel Bryan’s quick rise to fame ended abruptly. Daniel Bryan began to lose all strength in his right arm mostly because of constant injuries and stress caused to his arm during his ” Road To Wrestlemania “. On May 12 he announced on Raw that he would have to have surgery on his neck and would be out for a long time. On May 15th he underwent successful neck surgery, with a cervical Foraminotomy to decompress the Nerve Root having been performed. Month’s into Daniel Bryan’s recovery he complained that his arm had still not returned to it’s normal state, Doctors told Daniel that more surgery would have to be done and their was a high chance that he would never fight again. A month later Daniel Bryan revealed on Monday Night Raw that he would be fighting again and at the Royal Rumble. Where he would compete but not win, Daniel was then entered into the 7 man IC Title Ladder Match at Wrestlemania in which he left victorious. Daniel Bryan’s return at the Royal Rumble was frowned upon in the long run as Daniel could have done with more time to recover with the knowledge that he was not going to win the match. Daniel’s IC title run was short lived as he once again suffered another serious neck injury causing him to back out of a title match at Extreme Rules he was then medically covered as ” Medically unable to compete ” he attended Raw and announced he would once again vacate his WWE title ultimately giving it to Ryback.

As a fan it’s very sad to think that Daniel Bryan may never wrestle again his wife, Brie Bella said in an interview this week that Daniel will need ” a lot of prayers ” if he is to return to the ring it is said that he will miss Wrestlemania 32 but his career is still hang very loosely on the line.