3 Reasons Why WWE Should Not Have Fired Hogan

As of yesterday Hulk Hogan no longer exists in the eyes of WWE. This is due to a video surfacing of Hogan saying As of yesterday Hulk Hogan no longer exists in the eyes of WWE. This is due to a video surfacing of Hogan saying ‘racial slurs’ in an interview, since then Hogan has apologised via Twitter to all his fans, Family and previous and present co workers for his despicable actions. However completely cutting ties with the guy who made Pro Wrestling what it is today is risky. WWE have their own track record of bad mistakes but they don’t want you to remember that do they! In case you didn’t know Vince McMahon actually said the ‘N Word’ on air to John Cena (Video Below).

So WWE firing Hogan on these grounds seems very hypocritical and this video may need to come up in a WWE staff meeting to remind them of their own past mistakes!

any how these are 3 reasons why WWE should not have fired Hulk Hogan :

3. He is more or less the most famous face in Pro Wrestling


Think about it this way, wrestling fan or not you have heard of Hulk Hogan and whether WWE like it or not it will always be this way. Hogan is the biggest superstar in the companies history, he ultimately is WWE, so removing the ‘icon’ within your company is going to be tough, nobody can just forget about Hulk Hogan he made Wrestlemania famous. Without Hogan WWE would not be what it is today.

2. He is a vital part of the companies history

Hogan was involved in the most famous matches ever, His bout with Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania 3 and his amazing match against the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 6 are just 2 of many classics which upheld the WWE during that era.


The WWE can’t just erase what Hogan has done he has been with WWE for the best part of 35 years. WWE have done a very good job of hiding the achievements of CM Punk and Chris Benoit from the newest generation of fans but Hulk Hogan is a pillar to the WWE. When fans speak of the greats they usually fall along the lines of SCSA, Ric Flair, The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan. Hogan’s Hulkamania made Wrestlemania huge during the early 80’s and Hogan was a huge attraction for WWE fans making WWE the success it is today. His match against Andre The Giant is legendary and today fans from the generation relish in the nostalgia of a great Hogan classic.

1. Everyone Makes Dumbass Mistakes!

We are all human and yeah we say some pretty dumb s*it from time to time but even famous people are just human. I’m not saying that Hogan should be allowed to get away with what he said because I think racism is disgusting however I believe in second chances and yeah Hulk Hogan has already blown his first chance with his leaked sex tape but he should be given another chance because of how important he is to the company. WWE have their fair share of bad mistakes which is normal it’s how a company evolves. I get that WWE expect a certain level of professionalism from people affiliated with them but this Hogan story is going to be much worse due to the way WWE have handle the situation it could have been much easier if Hogan apologised and WWE swiftly moved on.

We hope that Hogan can resolve his problem as he is a childhood hero to us all, we all make mistakes and we should all forgive Hogan for his biggest mistake yet.