New to blogging here. Thank you for having me.

jeffro-the-iqGood evening, wrestling fans and fellow bloggers.  I wanted to introduce to you all in a post.  My name is Jeff, but I am known to the Internet Wrestling Community as Jeffro the IQ.

A little about me; I am a lifelong wrestling fan, with what some consider to be a wealth of knowledge to offer the readers of these blogs.  I first fell in love with wrestling at the age of 3 years old, around the time of Wrestlemania VI, and have never looked back.

I watch multiple products, and have been studying all things professional wrestling for pretty much my entire life.  I consider myself not only a fan, but also a historian.  I love wrestling history, from it’s beginnings to now.

Thank you again for the opportunity, and I hope that you all like what I bring to the table.