3 Reasons why WWE “Erasing” Hogan is Stupid


The WWE Universe & every news source has been in a frenzy over the fact of “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan being fired from the company. Him being fired is one thing, but WWE is trying to erase Hogan from its history, Here is my 3 reasons why that is THE STUPIDEST thing WWE has ever done & why Hogan will never be erased.  Keeping is short & sweet!

1. Hulk Hogan is Professional Wrestling

When you hear the words “Professional wrestling”, Hulk Hogan comes to mind without hesitation. Him Body slamming Andre The Giant at WrestleMania 3 is the best “OMG moment” of all time. Hogan’s fan base was incredible. He was beloved by all ages. Hogan is the face of Pro Wrestling in my opinion.

2. What happened is not worth his legacy

WWE is treating Hogan saying the N-word like the Chris Benoit tragedy. They are over reacting in this case. I know Hogan has offended quite a lot of people, but that does not give WWE the right to try to erase the man. I’m sure WWF/WWE has had numerous racists that are still known. So Them doing this to Hulk is oblivious. I’m not saying that the situation as a whole is not a big deal, it is, but WWE trying to erase Hogan is a bit far fetched in my opinion, firing ok, but they shouldn’t try to act like he didn’t exist.


No matter how hard WWE tries, they will not be able to erase Hulk Hogan. No matter how much stuff of his they pull. They can remove his name, but not his impact (refer to point #1). The reason WWE cannot erase Hulk Hogan is because every WWE fan (well professional wrestling fan in general) knows of Hulk Hogan & his mark on the sport.

So, if WWE continues to try to erase Hulk, they are only making themselves looking stupid. They are spitting in the face of ALL WRESTLING (YEA I SAID IT, WRESTLING–not entertainment) fans by thinking we’ll forget the most iconic figure in Professional Wrestling history.

When I think of Wrestling this image at the top of the post always pops into my mind.