WWE Divas Need To Capitalize


If you watched this weeks Monday Night Raw, other than the Triple Threat Match between Cesaro, Rusev and Kevin Owens, the main stand out point of the show was the diva’s segment in which 3 NXT divas invaded Raw and helped Paige and other divas finally take the Bella’s down a peg.


For months fans have been urging the WWE to #GiveDivasAChance, and with the help of WWE’s AJ Lee and Stephanie McMahon #GiveDivasAChance got trending worldwide on social media for a couple of days.GDAC

After WWE superstars and fans got the idea trending Vince McMahon tweeted this just hours after it began trending. But for months WWE fans have been scratching their heads as we slowly waited for Divas to get a chance but they never did. All we got was Nikki Bella winning constantly week after week against AJ Lee and Paige. The only sign of Divas getting a chance was this week on Raw.

On Raw we was once again presented with the barbie twins Bella and Brie and their newest tag along Alicia Fox. Stephanie McMahon then came out to introduce Paige, she then followed it up by inviting Paige’s old friend Becky Lynch to the ring the crowd went ecstatic for her entry. Following Becky was the daughter of the Nature Boy Charlotte, these 2 stood by Paige in an intense stare down of the Bella’s. Naomi and Tamina then came in to complain about the Bella’s and with them came NXT Divas Champion Sasha Banks to the amazement of the crowd. The new NXT arrivals assisted Paige, Naomi and Tamina in taking out the Bellas.

The WWE Universe already have a very strong admiration towards the NXT Divas, Sasha in particular and with the WWE Universe growing tired of the Bellas reign of terror bringing more popular Divas up to the main roster is very exciting for fans and will bring fans closer to the Divas segments. With AJ Lee’s departure earlier in the year a void has been left in the divas division with Paige unable to fill it on her own it only makes sense to bring in some fresh faces to help lift the Diva’s division further.

It’s no lie that the Diva’s division has been less than popular since the Attitude Era. Divas have always been given the shortest matches and segments and until recently most people used the Diva’s segment as a “Toilet Break” but now we hope that the Diva’s matches can be as entertaining as they are on NXT, where the Diva’s matches are main event worthy and are even better than most of the male matches on the show. Bringing Diva’s into the spotlight is key to developing peoples opinions about Diva’s in WWE.

It seems likely that WWE is going to go with the NXT + Paige, Naomi and Tamina vs Bellas and Co angle for a big match up at Summerslam, another big divas event we can look forward to in the future!